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Small plastic spoon for use in your Hobogrill® hobokit

RECYCLER BEWARE! The mass production and consumption of these spoons for one time use is wasteful and these business practices should be boycotted. Considering the hobogrill may be used by a hardcore survivalist and/or doomsday prepper, every possibility must be explored and left available if survival is at stake. Despite this being an environmental atrocity I attempt to present this particular plastic spoon for what it is... the good, the bad and the ugly.

At first glance a small plastic spoon made for low temperature ice cream wouldn't be the ideal match for coming in contact with heated surfaces that may melt the plastic. However, because sometimes ice cream can be very viscous so one must assume that the spoon strong. The spoon is:

  • Easily procurable
  • Cheap/Free (even comes with sample of ice cream)
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Supports environmentally unfriendly business practices
  • Can melt with high heat

The ugly truth about these spoons

Baskin Robins uses these spoons for the sampling of their ice cream. They use a new spoon for each flavor of ice cream you would like to sample. They have 31 flavors of ice cream total. This ads up to a ridiculous amount of small, wasted pink plastic spoons. The spoon is literally used for just a moment. Other "mom and pop" ice cream shops use a similar plastic spoon (made from lower quality white plastic) for one time use.

Think of the manner of luxury people must refer to when they refer to this environmentally heinous act: "Restaurants devoted exclusively to ice cream and you get a brand new spoon for every bite."

Induction of one or a few of these spoons into your mess kit isn't going to significantly reduce massive volume of pink plastic spoons wasted by this organization.

I know many you are confused about what to do here. Do you boycott such a place for the waste it generates and deny yourself the guilty pleasures of ice cream? Or do you just be confident in the flavors without sampling them and just by appearance and description and perhaps order from one of their edible containers?

The spoon itself

The spoon is reasonably durable. I theorize that even if it did leach BPA, that no one morsel of food would be in contact with the spoon long enough to be affected. One could use this spoon for stirring eggs inside the shell and also to consume the finished egg.

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