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The Irony of buying a campstove

There is a certain irony about purchasing a camp stove (or any camping gear for that matter) wrapped in excessive non-sustainable packaging, and being made from non-sustainable materials. Allot of times it's to trot out into the wilderness to enjoy nature at it's finest.

Upon embarking on the wilderness it's not uncommon to find trash strewn about the wilderness. We all personally exclaim how much of an atrocity it is. How dare these people throw trash on our planet and contaminate and make an eyesore of this wondrous natural world!

It sinks it a grim reality: That there are few places on this planet that are within reach that there aren't signs of the careless and wasteful nature of mankind.

This is where the realization that at least part of the trash problem exists from funding organizations who mass manufacture camping stoves and grills (as well as other goods) with massive volumes of packaging that is only intended to be thrown away.

Where does the packaging go when it's thrown away? It ends up in a landfill or a trash island at best. If it's on a trash island then wind and birds carry it into the ocean. If it's in a landfill birds still may carry debris into the nearby wilderness. Once in the ocean, it can travel around the world and end up on remote shores or inside the food chain or in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The current wasteful methods of packaging of mass manufactured camping goods are destroying the very environment the industry depends on. This is the irony of purchasing a mass manufactured campstove of entirely new materials and/or unnatural and/or non-biodegradable materials.

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