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Burger patty sizes you can cook on world's smallest grill

The area of a standard burger patty is 3.14 * R^2 where R is the radius of the hamburger patty. The surface area of the Hobogrill Brand HG2 grill is 29.75 square inches per cooking side for a total of 59.5 square inches for grilling on both sides.

As you can see from the following chart one can cook three 5" diameter burgers on the Hobogrill HG2 series if the patties are cut to fit the grates.

Table of Hamburger Patty Diameter to Area
Patty DiameterPatty FormulaPatty Area
3.50"3.14 * 1.75^2 = 9.6 square inches
3.75"3.14 * 1.875^2 = 11.03 square inches
4.00"3.14 * 2^2 = 12.56 square inches
4.25"3.14 * 2.125^2 = 14.175 square inches
4.50"3.14 * 2.25^2 = 15.89 square inches
4.75"3.14 * 2.375^2 = 17.7 square inches
5.00"3.14 * 2.5^2 = 19.625 square inches

Max patty diameter for double sided cooking

Max raw hamburger patty size: 5" Max slider hamburger patty size: 3.5" in diameter when cooking 4 with double sided grilling.

Max patty diameter for single sided cooking

The max sliders patty size for single sided cooking on the Hobogrill HG2 series is 3 3/8" if you want the lid to close properly. This will allow you to cook 2 patties per side.

The max patty diameter for single sided cooking is 4 5/8" if the patty is cut in half. Otherwise for a whole patty to cook on one side and still have the lid closable is 4 1/8".

Increasing Max patty diameter to a full 5" patty (cut in half) for single sided cooking

If one were to collapse the grill supports on the Hobogrill HG2 series upper deck then one can effectively close the grill with a larger portion size on the lower deck. Be forewarned: Collapsing and restoring the grate supports more than once or twice on the upper deck will cause the aluminum support to fatigue and break. So it is better to manipulate the shape of foods that provide flexibility in shape and dimension such as ground patties which are molded into shape anyway.

Let's go with the ideal hamburger patty size: According to the size of the bun a patty should be X diameter.

However, there will be some shrinkage of the patty diameter after it's cooked. So the ideal cooking size should be larger than this. The hobogrill HG2 series will accommodate this size patty if one cuts the patty in half.

Two burgers per person is a satisfying portion size. The Maximum whole patty size for the HG2 deluxe is: 29.75 square inches per cooking side.

Any burger patty that is larger than 4.25" in diameter will have to be cut to fit the grates. Slightly larger raw patty diameters can be placed on the grill with the patty slightly overflowing the grill edge and will shrink to fit. Hence, two 5" raw burger patties can be grilled on the HG2 series at one time.

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