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Hobogrill® HG2-FSC Fully Self Contained Portable Charcoal Grill

HG2-FSC Fully Self Contained Charcoal Grill

  • Zero Plastic, only petroleum based part of the product is a upcycled bicycle innertube
  • Adjustable carbeurator with full choke, lower deck,
  • coal rentention doors allows for internal coal storage without spillage
  • high quality adjustable carrying strap, can be worn over the shoulder or around the waste; butyl rubber sewn with UV resistant thread
    • Mess Kit:
    • Folding Fork; full size - ideal for flipping the food
    • Folding Spoon; full size, ideal for cooking and eating eggs, soups, etc
    • Matches
    • Grill prop
  • Coal Saver feature: snuff out charcoal using full choke to be used later.
  • Dual sets of grates for double sided cooking 29sq inches per side
  • grates leave cross hatch grill marks
  • Can also use alternate fuels (alcohol, solid/liquid, Sterno(tm), calcium ethanoate)
  • extra room in messtin for spices, and the like
  • stores enough coal for 1 complete double sided cooking for fairly thick food, or several (~5) conservative single sided burns.
  • 4oz Rubberized Ligher Fluid Tin

Handmade Signature Series $129

Note: This item is currently only available as a Hobogrill® Signature Series item which is handmade by Hobogrill® founder, Neel K. Sanghi, member Sanghi Labs LLC, and includes a custom engraved nameplate with your name on it. $129 + $12.99 Shipping and Handling = $141.99

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Worlds finest, handmade improvised charcoal grill: The Hobogrill® HG2-Deluxe with Hobogrill® mini grill cover sewn from a bicycle innertube. Handmade in the USA.
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