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Smores on the go with a homemade bbq grill

Enjoy smores anywhere. It's fast easy treat that packs a rich flavor or chocolate and marshmellow sure to satisfy anyone with a craving.


  • Chocolate (preferably Hershey's plain milk chocolate, but any chocolate will do -- Cadburry would be gourmet)
  • Marshmallows
  • Graham crackers

Tools and Utensils

  • Hobogrill HG2 Series portable grill or equivelent
  • Fork or skewer

Coal Preparation

Since the roasting of the marshmallows is the main application of heat and will be done by hovering the marshmallow over the hot coals, the coals can have a large variation in temperature. The grate can be on or off the hobogrill for this operation.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1: Prepare your graham cracker and chocolate base by breaking a 4 segmented graham cracker into two halves. If using Hershey's chocolate place exactly 2 chocolate rectangles on the graham cracker base. If you are using any other type of chocolate then make sure the base is only one layer thick of chocolate and that the surface are of the graham cracker is about 80% covered with chocolate.

Step 2: Place the marshmallow on the fork or skewer. Rotate over the heated portion of the coals careful not to touch the grates if the grates are installed as touching the marshmallow to the grates may cause the marshmallow to stick to the grate. Once the marshmallow has the desired char or crispiness on the outside place immediately on the chocolate on the graham cracker base. This helps transfer the heat to the chocolate so it melts slightly. The liquid chocolate helps to soften the graham cracker and binds the marshmallow and the graham cracker together the graham cracker and smore become one.

Step 3: Quickly (before the marshmallow cools) place the top piece of graham cracker on the marshmallow and press down slightly so the marshmallow deforms to cover the chocolate and graham cracker base. If done properly there should be minimal marshmallow and chocolate that oozes out of the cracker. This can be trimmed with fork, additional graham cracker or tongue.

Step 4: Enjoy!


If you are going for presentation one can dip into sprinkles, caramel, nuts, or top with ice cream and drizzle.

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